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  • Brown, Kevin; Clements, Steve (American Enterprise Institute, 2017)
    [From opening section] To summarize, we are a fractured nation with a socially segmented populace. Americans have sorted themselves into homogenous enclaves across race, income, education, age, and partisanship. In one ...
  • Swartz, David R. (Society, 2012)
    he article presents the author's views on evangelical left and their impacts on the future of conservatism in U.S. According to the author, the socio-economic, racial, and ideological platforms of the political parties ...
  • Swartz, David R. (Religion and American Culture, 2011)
    The article discusses the so-called "evangelical left," a left-wing political movement among U.S. evangelical Protestant clergy and laypeople which flourished in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The failure of this movement ...
  • Swartz, David R. (Religions, 2012)
    In the last half of the twentieth century, neo-evangelicalism moved from an anticommunist nationalist consensus to a new internationalism characterized by concern for human rights, justice, and economic development. Case ...