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Anderson, Kevin

Anderson, Kevin


Dr. Anderson is Professor of Bible and Theology. His full faculty profile is available here.


"Meet the Expert" series profiles Dr. Anderson.

Recent Submissions

  • Anderson, Kevin L. (SacraSage Press, 2011)
    [From the Introduction] This essay will focus on three sets of concerns as we look at Hebrews. First, we will be interested in how Hebrews uses the Scriptures as authoritative texts. How does Hebrews appropriate what we ...
  • Anderson, Kevin (Pickwick Publications, 2014)
    [From the Introduction] The heart of soteriology in the Epistle to the Hebrews is holiness or purity. The premier reference to Christ's saving action in Hebrews is indicative of this fact: "When he had made purification ...
  • Anderson, Kevin L. (InterVarsity Press, 2013)
    [From the opening paragraph] -- Resurrection within the context of Israel’s heritage is the concrete act of God raising the dead from their tombs. Its theological dimensions include restoring and exalting God’s covenant ...