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Alumnus Magazine, 1951-1970

Alumnus Magazine, 1951-1970


The documents in this collection are official publications of Asbury University, with historic copies maintained by the Archives & Special Collections Staff of Kinlaw Library. U.S. Copyright Law supports fair use, which permits the reproduction of single copies of many protected documents for individual and private use. Digital or electronic content, such as images of newspaper issues and photographs, are subject to the same protections under the Copyright Act as non-digital, traditional or analog materials. Digital collections posted on the Asbury University Web site are owned, held or licensed by the University and are available for free, personal, non-commercial and educational use, provided that ownership of the materials is properly cited. To cite from this material, use the item title, the collection name, the volume and issue number, the date of publication, the location of the collection and the institution. Example: [item title], Ambassador Collection, [volume and issue], [date of publication], Kinlaw Library Archives & Special Collections, Asbury University.

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